Non Vivant News Joe Biden: Internet sex symbol (apparently)

Joe Biden: Internet sex symbol (apparently)

There’s a lot of things not to like about vice president Joe Biden. Drug warrior, author the RAVE Act, myopic and one-sided on the issue of Israel and Palestine, close buddy of the credit industry — he’s not a perfect match with the progressive ideal.

But he is, Israel policy notwithstanding, generally a pragmatic internationalist as well as a lifelong ally of organized labor. He’s also got a gift for looking badass at least once a day — a fact not lost on the internet.

Biden Daily is a LiveJournal photo community watched by several hundred with a daily flood of pictures of Joe Biden doing what Joe Biden does best: being awesome. So long as your duties are largely ceremonial, who better than Joe Biden to do them, anyway? Entries and comments in the community seem to trend from the harmless toward the strangely fangirlish, though. Especially popular is Biden’s, erm…, open body language (one commenter called him “the Santa Claus of boners.”)

Elsewhere, an online community has Biden in the final running for “Hottest Overall Hot Guy,” after securing the “Hottest Old Guy” honors. Thanks to a rush of Biden boosters, he’s beating leading men from Shia LeBeouf to Paul Newman — in a landslide, no less.

It’s not all that surprising, I guess, given how Biden killed it with the ladies during dial tests in the campaign.  Uncommitted women loved Biden and loathed Sarah Palin during the vice presidential debates. This wasn’t just a reaction against Palin. Long before she came onto the national scene, women rocketed Biden from sixth to first place in dial-test ratings at the debates in New Hampshire.

There’s no indication, of course, that these dial-testers responded for the same reasons as the women of Biden Daily. Maybe they just liked Biden’s characteristic candor in the debates.

What’s behind it? I couldn’t begin to guess, so I asked the women of Biden Daily. Here’s some of their responses:

● He comes off as confident and self-assured without being arrogant and that comes across even in pictures. … My mother nearly died when I was talking about how sexy Joey B. is (I’m 23 BTW)

● A lot of the appeal for me is his confidence, intelligence, and sense of humor which are three of the things I look for in a possible boyfriend.● I just want to take a bite out of Joey the Shark. That’s really all there is to it.● Biden … gives off a rather unusual blue-collar masculinity–he’s got this sensitive/”mamma’s boy”/not-afraid-to-cry-in-front-of-you streak to him … you can simultaneously imagine him chopping his own firewood one minute, and moved to tears over a tragic story the next. That he’s both ‘manly’ and ’sensitive’, etc.● [H]e seems like a happy, confident, genuine, funny, decent guy. the kind of man i’d want as a spouse or a father● I fell in love with Joe during the VP debate. My gawd, everytime he flashed those pearly whites, I melted a little inside.● I thought he was hot from the moment I saw him (that whole silver fox/blue eyes thing–the ladies here turned me on to his yummy strong arms later). But it took reading up on him and listening to things he’s said to really fall for him.

Does all that nice guy stuff make sense of the internet’s veep-ogling? Does it explain Biden’s high ratings with women during the debates? It’s hard to say just what factors are at work here. I suppose as unlikely sex symbols go, though, we’ve done much, much worse.

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