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Non Vivant About Us

Bon vi·vant \ˌbän-vē-ˈvänt, ˌbōⁿ-vē-ˈväⁿ\
A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink.

Non vi·vant (nän-vē-ˈvänt, ˌbōⁿ-vē-ˈväⁿ\
A person too poor to cultivate a refined taste, especially one who too poor to enjoy superb food and drink. See also John.

I’m a 20-something writer, cube-slave and opinionated nerd holding it down in the 303. I love graffiti, music and supposedly intellectual lefty crap like Harper’s, which I cling to as an ineffectual totem of upper-class ascendency. I’m prone to logorrhea.

Stuff I Like

Links I Like
There’s lots of stuff out there I’d like to link to that doesn’t belong in the main blogroll, usually just because it’s not all that relevant to the things covered on Non Vivant.  Here’s some of them:

Kate Beaton – History nerd and webcomic artist. They work together well.
LOLFed – Deliberately terrible image macros accompany every entry of generally astute, entertaining news and analysis on finance, business and the economy in general.
Old Jews Telling Jokes – Exactly what it sounds like.
The Pain — When Will It End? – Tim Kreider is an illustrator par excellence and a genuinely funny guy. He’s also whip-smart and probably a better writer than me. What the shit, Kreider? You’ve got your comic already. Do you buy tickets to the circus just so you can rush the three rings and juggle one more pin than the clown?
XLR8R mp3 blog – Trends toward hipster-friendly electronic and hip-hop music, with diversions into indie rock and other stuff now and then.