New Zealand is one of the fastest-growing online gambling markets in the Asia Pacific region. The country has seen spending on iGaming increase consistently. Since NZ gambling laws allow the use of offshore online casinos, international operators licensed in various jurisdictions are quick to offer services to Kiwis. Casinos are not the only players in the iGaming sector, though.

The internet casino scene wouldn’t be where it is without software manufacturers. Behind every great gambling website in New Zealand is an excellent provider. iGaming B2B suppliers equip operators with the necessary products to serve gamblers. They outfit casinos with gaming software and games, depending on need.

An online casino is only as good as the software manufacturer it works with. How a provider creates its software solutions determines the quality of its platforms. The gaming experience depends on how well a casino site runs. For this reason, operators have to choose software suppliers keenly. What makes a software manufacturer good? Casinos operating in New Zealand source products from a large selection of developers.

However, suppliers are not all the same. Some are industry leaders with remarkable products, while others are boutique outfits with fresh software solutions. However, the characteristics that define a decent software manufacturer apply across the board. Whether you are a player or prospective gambling operator, it helps to know what some of the best providers have in common.


Online Gaming Reputation


Regardless of how long a software manufacturer has been in business, nothing matters as much as its reputation. Before operators work with certain suppliers, they must be sure that they are well-recognised in the industry. One crucial element to consider when evaluating a provider’s reputation is who its partners are. A provider should have a solid client base. Good relationships with operators reflect well on a developer. The world knows Microgaming as an industry leader for online casinos partly because it supplies software solutions to the biggest brands.

If reputable online casinos trust a particular supplier, then it means it’s doing something right. A manufacturer’s reputation tells you if it’s a good fit for your business or gaming. iGaming brands don’t only look at the product suite when choosing providers. They consider the values and vision. Therefore, a developer’s list of clients mirrors its core principles. Based on partners, you can find out if a software supplier aligns with your objectives. Testimonials and reviews are great resources for learning how a developer works with operators, which contributes to its online reputation.

Content Quality


Online gambling is, of course, all about content. An iGaming software provider must offer products that meet a high standard. Thanks to the proliferation of online casinos in New Zealand, the number of software manufacturers continues to rise. The downside is that not all developers have good products. Variety is one aspect that determines the calibre of a provider’s game suite. Even if a brand focuses on a single genre, such as slots, it should ensure they are well varied.

Another factor that determines product quality is independent testing. Rigging remains a constant concern among players, especially beginners. Gamblers sometimes find it hard to trust that online casino games and platforms are fair. Thus, the industry addresses these doubts by providing testing requirements for games and gaming software. Licensed suppliers work with third-party auditors to examine products before putting them on the market. Testing agencies inspect RNGs to make sure they are not tampered with. An RNG generates random results for casino games. Top manufacturers guarantee fairness through independent audits.

Technical Support

Regardless of a provider’s reputation and high standards, problems can arise when using its products. For this reason, support services and tools are critical offerings. A provider should be available to help operators with licensing, marketing and legal support where necessary. For instance, a developer can offer promotional materials to help advertise a particular title. If an operator is using a CRM system, then the supplier should provide training, among others support services. When it comes to compliance, a software manufacturer can help with the integration of responsible gaming tools.



It’s not enough for a manufacturer to produce gaming solutions, it must be innovative too. The online gambling industry is always evolving. Casino platforms and games that seemed revolutionary 15 years ago don’t have a place in today’s market. Leading providers invest in technology and R&D. They ensure their products cater to the latest consumer demands. A reputable software developer uses advanced technology and design to deliver rewarding gaming experiences. Through cutting-edge technology, providers create platforms that work with different delivery channels, such as web and mobile.

An innovative manufacturer has a competitive edge because it has unique offerings. It creates products that set it apart from the crowd.

Whether a company specialises in turnkey or white-label solutions, it should have the client’s best interests in mind with every product. Gamification is an example of how innovative developers can get to meet emerging player requirements. Thanks to gamification, gambling websites provide various features, such as bonus games, leaderboards and tournaments, to entertain players. Innovation also means providing products that enhance player retention for gambling websites. The software solutions shouldn’t only attract users, but impress them enough to keep returning.


One area that software developers cannot afford to take lightly is security. As online gambling grew more popular, cyber threats increased as well. Online safety when gambling on the web is a big concern in New Zealand. Since no laws govern offshore gaming, players can easily fall victim to various online threats. Therefore, a casino’s ability to protect the business and customers is vital. Fraud and money laundering are two of the biggest threats operators face. People with malicious intent can use gambling websites for fraud or other financial crimes, endangering legitimate players. So, providers create platforms with various security features to protect clients and end-users.


Continuous research allows developers to come up with advanced safety measures to counter varied issues. The top providers have top-tier fraud prevention and anti-money laundering solutions. Secure data management is another feature of a decent software supplier. Operators must be capable of safeguarding customer information.

Internet casinos require users to avail personal data that, if it fell into the wrong hands, can cause significant damage. It’s why gambling sites are favourite targets among cyber-criminals. Platforms with a high level of security reduce the risk of data breaches and other dangers.

Software manufacturers are the core of the online gambling sector. Without providers that invest in research, security and state-of-the-art technology, the iGaming industry wouldn’t be able to meet players’ needs. From B2B software to casino games, various reputable suppliers provide New Zealand operators with quality gaming solutions.

iGaming developers vary by different metrics, but the best ones have a few things in common. Excellent game quality, innovative products, good customer support and security are the main indicators of a leading software supplier.