Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

Are you excited to know the Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters? We have curated an entire list with all the details just for you. Come on, let us take a look.

Most of us grew up with Dragon Ball. The hype is very much real when we look back at these characters that made our childhood. A common question has got to be “Who is the strongest? Who comes in the top 15?” We have solved that problem for you, now is the time to take a look at the ultimate list


Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

15. Krillin

Yes, in this list of Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters- we have another Earthling. None of us can deny the strength of Krillin. But, we have often seen that he fights off until the main character arrives and steals the spotlight.


However, we later see that his true potential has been unlocked, and now it stands at 14000. Also, he plays an important role in fighting off some of the best opponents in the series.

14. Master Roshi

We have to bring Master Roshi into the equation. After all, he is the one who trained all of the best characters. Both Krillin and Goku were trained by him. We cannot deny the strength of such a strong and proud character. He has been in a lot of mention-worthy fights.

13. Future Trunks

With Vegeta and Bulma as parents- Trunks is bound to be an excellent fighter. Moreover, he gets under the training and the ultimate guidance of Gohan, Trunks grows to be a fearful fighter with a lot of acquired skills.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

He has been in a lot of important fights and is quite a skilled swordsman as well.

12. Piccolo

We have seen Piccolo beating Krillin, and hence we cannot doubt his abilities. He did start with more antagonistic vibes, but his bonding with Rohan over time is undeniable.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

Here we have Piccolo on our list of Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters. He lacks some stamina, but it can be said that he has strength matching that of Android 17. He gets injured by Goku, but he does not give up.

11. Android 18

Being the twin of Android 17 and almost equal in power with him- she is one of the greatest fighters in the universe.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

It is shown that she can keep up fighting with Vegeta as well. She could deliver a blow or two to Vegeta, and even break his arm in the fight. She could overpower a Super Saiyan.

10. Android 17

Android 17 has an unmatchable strength, stamina, and energy. His fighting skills are almost perfect, and he is seen to defeat Piccolo as well as Trunks simultaneously making him one of the most powerful characters in this list of Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

9. Kale

Kale who is also known as the female counterpart of the great character Broly has to be on our list of the strongest. But, there is a certain drawback- it is said that she is super strong but her attacks are easy to predict. That is a major drawback for her.

8. Good Buu

Innocent Buu broke off into Good Buu and Evil Buu. And, we have Good Buu on our Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters. We have to take his name despite him being inferior to the Evil part. But, that does not mean he is weak or anything. We have seen him perform perfectly in many fights against some of the best characters.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters

7. Gohan

Being the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan is ought to be one of the strongest to ever exist. However, we still cannot rank him above his father for several reasons. Fans will understand. But, that doesn’t mean that he will not be getting a place on the Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters.


He was left to protect Earth after his father died, and it is safe to say he is doing the job perfectly.

6. Beerus

The Dragon Ball Super exists because of this guy. Of course, he has to be on our list of top strongest characters. This God of Destruction is one tough guy to beat up. He exists in Universe 7, and many come to believe he was the strongest in that universe.


A lot of new powers were unlocked just because of him, and he plays a pretty important role in the entire series. Later on, we will come across another companion of his- but, some believe he is stronger than the God of Destruction.

5. Whis

Whis is an angel. He accompanies Beerus. He must advise and guide God through his daily life. They have been on a journey together, and the bond they share is quite friendly.


He trains God and guides him on how to be a better fighter. They set out to destroy all the useless planets lying on their path.

4. Jiren

We have to put Jiren pretty high up in this list of Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters. He is pretty much OP. And, he also stands to be one of the toughest opponents of Goku ever.


The fight in Universe 11 would have been pretty difficult for Goku to win, but fortunately for him- he got the hang of his Ultra Instinct and mastered it quickly. Otherwise, we might have seen some different outcomes.

3. Vegeta

Vegeta- the antagonist that won all of our hearts has to be at the very top of our list. We cannot help but love this character. He is unstoppable. He will not stop until he gets better than his enemy.


After he unlocked a superior version of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta proved that he is worth all the hype that he gets.

2. Goku

And, finally, in the list of Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters, we have the most awaited Goku. Raise your hands if Goku was your idol growing up too. Well, the man who made our childhood ranks second on our list.


He will not let anything take away the people he loves from him. He will not stop training until he unleashes new forms of battle strength after every fight. Yes, that’s why we love this guy.

1. Zeno

Most people do not recognize the Omni King as the strongest fighter in the universe. It is said that he has a fickle mood. And, he protects the entire universe. You cannot have an assumption of his strength from how he looks.

Omni King

But, one wrong step- he will destroy you. He is that strong. He is not a fighter, but in terms of strength, he can beat anyone down.

Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters: End

There you go, we are here at the end of the Top 15 Strongest Dragon Ball Series Characters List. There are lots of strong characters in the entire franchise, and opinions might matter. It is really hard to make a top 15 list in a universe filled with skilled fighters.

What do you think about the list? What would your list look like? Let us know everything about your opinion down in the comment section.

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