Sisyphus the myth episode 16

Woah, it was a hectic week for the K-drama fans as we had to keep up with the last episodes of two of our favorites, namely, Sisyphus the myth and Hello, Me!. The last episode of Sisyphus the myth episode 16 aired on 8th April 2023. If you haven’t watched it already, I would suggest not miss the ending, as it’s worth it. Sisyphus the myth has not only toped in South Korea but as it was streaming on Netflix as well along with JTBC, it gained popularity and fans all over the world.

Don’t believe us? Ratings can’t lie! It has continued to top the charts with 7.2/10 on IMDb, 8/10 on My Drama list, and a solid 4.6/5 on Google users.


Will there be a Sisyphus the myth season 2?

As of now, we are not given any such good news from the writers. Sisyphus the myth season 2 has not been officially announced anywhere.

Predicting from the ending of it, there is a lot of hints for us to join the dots together. I mean, Seo Heo’s father’s kindness did not seem to bring a drastic change in Sigma. We will discuss that part later in the article.

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Highlights of Sisyphus the myth episode 16

Sisyphus ep 16

This is a must to discuss the episode, we got answers for so many of our theories. To start with, we now know why Bingbing was always there for Mr. Park because she is his daughter who also took the uploader with her mother to stop him but her mother never reached there. Mr. Park was so involved in killing himself that he never recognized his own daughter. She succeeds in preventing him from killing his present self.

On the other hand, what was that when Han Tae Sul said that he has seen the future where he wins? It turned out he really has seen the future, and since, nothing is certain in the future it can be changed. Kudos to Tae Sul’s great ability to bluff with a straight face we were kept curious for the first half of the episode. When Sigma almost manipulated him to code for the uploader and almost shoot Seo Heo, he starts glitching.

Taking advantage of this moment of confusion and a mysterious phone call to Sigma from someone, Seo Heo got into a fight with Sigma and meanwhile, he got shot from behind. Aaah! Finally, the mighty Sigma was shot to death by someone in the church but who?

Sisyphus ep 16-sigma died

Tae Sul answers this by coding for the uploader such that it can only be taken once, and they time-traveled to the day when she escaped the bunker and Jae Sun got shot. Turns out that was also a lie to manipulate Sigma and make him think that everything was going according to his plan.

Sisyphus episode 16

Tae Sul and Seo Heo carefully changed everything to their advantage and slowly everything that came from the future start to disappear including the nuclear bombs, except Seo Heo. They were figuring out why and then Seung bok walked into the church and shot Seo Heo, and asked Tae Sul to complete the code for the uploader as he wants to snatch everything from him that he has snatched from him. He also said that in 20 years of their friendship he did not bother to remember his birthday.

Tae Sul shot himself to finish all problems and asked Seo Heo to come and find him.

What to expect from Sisyphus the myth season 2?

Well, when Tae Sul woke up he found himself in a plane with Seo Heo beside him, which means he did complete the code for the uploader and that’s how she found him yet again. Is this twist that easy for us to digest? No! We need the whole story of her struggling all over again and succeeding at the last.

Sisyphus ep 16-end

We saw Sigma all happy and smiling and doing live paintings in a park full of people. It seemed like everything went fine until he reached his house and we see a diary that has all the names in the story of their relationship with each other. He also stands in front of a poster of Tae Sul and said don’t look at me with those eyes.

There is enough to build another season on. Let’s just sit back and wait for the good news till then.