The emergence of internet casinos has brought so many popular games closer to people who like to indulge in good gambling sessions. And we’re not just talking about the slots, but table games as well, such as blackjack. And you have a variety of choices to choose from, such as playing an automated game or engaging in a live one which brings the feeling of being in an actual venue.

Blackjack is very popular in Norway. Experienced players prefer to use their skills in this game on the portal

Having so many choices, players often wonder what is the percentage of hands one can expect to be winning in. This depends on a couple of factors, the first one would be the platform you choose to play on. That is why we have decided to give you a couple of hints on how to choose a good one.


How to choose the right platform?


Security should always be the first and most important factor when choosing a gambling platform. Since you’re playing for real money, it’s a good idea to do your research and read reviews and other players’ experiences so you don’t run into problems when it’s time for payouts.

Bonuses and promotional offers are also important factors. A large number of operators offer promotions that are mostly related to slot games, but on SPY-casino you will find those that also think of players who prefer traditional table games and offer the possibility of playing live with the use of bonuses.

The choice is also influenced by the player’s personal preferences, so it does not necessarily mean that one platform is a good choice for all players. If you like the atmosphere of a physical casino, it will be important to you that the operator provides the ability to play live blackjack, while for other players it may be more important to have the ability to play with a single deck of cards and therefore a higher RTP.

How many different variations are available?

One of the most important things when choosing is the choice of different variations of the game. Although it is a fairly simple game, there are variations of it with slight differences in the rules, side bets, and other options such as the number of decks played and the ability to surrender or split a hand.

These differences ultimately affect the return to the player (RTP).

Development companies involved in the production of software for these games are constantly working on new ones and fun versions of traditional ones. In this way, they provide you with hours of fun and a growing selection of games, whether you play for real money or use one of the free (demo) versions.

The best variants of blackjack


As we mentioned before, the basic game is quite simple. Variations were created to introduce minor but interesting changes that will add a new dimension to the game. Among the most common player choices are Switch, Pontoon (also known as British), and Multi-hand.

Various types of this game can also be found in physical casinos, but with the development of online ones and the possibility of playing like this, a much larger number of games are available to players.

The switch was created in 2009, and the game is known for the fact that the player plays with two hands and can switch their cards after the initial deal. In Pontoon, players can see the first card before placing their bets and can increase their bet amount during the game.

Multi-hand allows you to play with several hands.

All three versions offer excellent graphics and performance, have a high RTP, and offer you the opportunity to have fun and earn money at the same time.

Probability, odds, and payouts

This game has a fairly high return to the player, and depending on the version of the game you choose, it can often exceed 98%.

So, when it comes to your expectations on the percentage you should win, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You can never be completely sure that you will win or eliminate the house edge. Losing is part of the game and look at it as a learning opportunity.
  • Start with smaller stakes, and you can gradually increase them as you gain more experience.
  • Don’t compare your game to others. You never know what everyone else has been through or how long they’ve been playing. Focus on yourself and how you will play the game.
  • Avoid variants with 6:5 payouts because they bring you less profit in case of a win.Explore strategies and perfect them by playing for free.
  • Don’t forget that side bets can also affect win odds, house edge, and potential payouts.Extra bets might be too complicated if you are still a beginner and they usually bring with them a bigger casino advantage, but also bring better payouts.

Strategy and tips


To play successfully, you don’t just need luck, it also depends a lot on your skill and the strategy you use while playing. Strategy means that you have a systematic approach to the game based on the facts and the situation at a certain moment, and not making decisions based on emotions.

One of the most popular strategies involves using predetermined decisions depending on your cards and the dealer’s cards.

In addition, there are various other strategies related to card counting, determining the next bet to cover losses, and many other ways designed to increase your chances of winning. What we would definitely recommend is to check if you can take advantage of a welcome bonus or some other promotion by playing to secure yourself some extra money to play with.

All in all the number of hands you can expect to win will always vary on the factors we’ve mentioned earlier, therefore you can never have concrete expectations. The only assumptions you make are based on the criteria we wrote about in this article.