The best of the best is here. Yes, we are talking about Dragon ball super. This franchise has given many anime fans the best moments to remember during their childhood. And even now with new movies and series, it’s doing the same. But unfortunately, after the tournament of power arc Dragon ball super is on a halt. So we thought why not bring our reader some Anime like Dragon Ball Super to binge on while waiting for its new arc. Here are the Top 10 Anime like Dragon Ball Super to watch until it’s back!

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Top 10 Anime like Dragon Ball Super:

10. Yu Yu Hakusho:

Yu Yu Hakusho

You’ll enjoy Yu Yu Hakusho if you enjoyed anything from the original Dragon Ball series to Dragon Ball Super. Both are classic shounen series with supernatural aspects that you must watch. Yusuke was a young man who passed away far too soon. He is given a second chance at life, but only if he becomes a spirit world detective.

9. Inuyasha:

It’s difficult for a series to perfectly mix present perspectives with stories set in the distant past, but this shonen anime does just that! Set in Japan’s Warring States Period, the drama follows Kagome Higurashi, a high school girl who travels back in time and meets the half-demon Inuyasha. The majority of the series follows the two as they search for fragments of a shattered mystic jewel across feudal Japan’s demon-infested countryside.


There’s something for everyone in this blend of action, fantasy, horror, and romance. The search for shards of a mysterious artifact. On the other hand, will be most known to anime viewers whose favorite show revolves around the hunt for seven Dragon Balls.

8. Sword Art Online:

Because Sword Art Online is set in an online virtual reality game world, all of the powers that characters in a fantasy action series would have belonged to their avatars in the game’s realm. Every player, however, is locked in the game’s environment, and they live every day as their powerful in-game avatars.

Sword Art Online

The dire struggle for survival in this series is more dramatic than in Dragon Ball Z, yet both anime emphasizes the importance of forming teams of experienced fighters to deal with dangers. Dragon Ball fans will recognize many of the SOAs from the stories.

7. My Hero Academia:

The heroes of Dragon Ball Z use their incredible martial arts and ki skills to safeguard the planet from enemies. The Z Fighters, like the villains, have their uniforms.
My Hero Academia is by far the most popular and almost similar superhero anime in terms of characters and action.

My Hero Academia

The villains are ridiculously over-the-top, the combat sequences are spectacular, and there are plenty of spiky tips in the hair. While it is distinct in its own right and takes a unique approach to superpowers, most Dragon Ball Z fans will enjoy MHA.

6. The Seven Deadly Sins:

We appreciate that Dragon Ball Super is a battle anime with well-developed characters. The Seven Deadly Sins is a good choice if you want a story with greater personality diversity and a mix of fight and character-driven drama.

Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth is a young princess who is trying to preserve her kingdom by enlisting the help of the famous Seven Deadly Sins, and she has finally discovered one in the form of Meliodas. Together, they set out to reassemble the group and assist her in saving her land.

5. Fairy Tail:

The series’ name comes from the quest for the legendary Dragon Balls. The mystical dragon Shenron is called and grants one wish when all seven Dragon Balls are collected.

Fairy Tail

The characters in the fantasy series Fairy Tail travel through Earth-land in quest of the dragon Igneel. Beyond this resemblance, the characters in this series exhibit much of the same classic shonen fighting tactics and humor as those in Dragon Ball Z, as well as a stunning way of dealing with power creep as the characters grow stronger.

4. One-Punch Man:

There are three major things to remember about Dragon Ball Super: Everyone has massive muscles, tremendous abilities, and the fights are crazy. Most people who watch Super appreciate it for those reasons.

One Punch Man

Thus One Punch Man is your best bet if you’re looking for another popular program in the same style. Saitama has been training to be a hero for years, to the point that he has not only lost his hair but has also become extraordinarily powerful. The show features thrilling battles with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure!

3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:

Whatever else there is to say, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has earned the middle word in its title. That is, however, one of the reasons why it works so well. Its characters, combat scenes, and art are all fantastic, and it manages to stay unique.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

No anime will ever be able to match Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super in terms of martial arts ki attacks, therefore Jojo’s takes a different approach. It delivers the same type of superpowered action that fans will adore, but in a completely new way, by incorporating psychic and spiritual manifestations into the battle sequences.

2. One Piece:

One Piece

If you’re up for a long journey, which you should be if you’ve watched any of the Dragon Ball series, One Piece should be your next major adventure! It’s one of the longest anime and manga series out now, and it contains a fun-loving protagonist and loads of comedy. Follow Monkey D. Luffy and his gang on their quest to become the Pirate King! There are a lot of great action moments, well-crafted arcs, and fantastic character development.

1. Naruto:

And at the Number 1 position of Top 10 Anime like Dragon Ball Super, we have Naruto. It tells the narrative of the ninja hero, who is possessed by the spirit of the famous Nine-Tailed Fox. While it appears to be extremely different from Dragon Ball Z on the surface, the two anime share several similarities, including huge action scenes, aesthetically dazzling energy strikes, and spiky-haired heroes who wear orange and never stop eating.


What makes Naruto such a brilliant series, aside from the martial arts fantasy, is that its protagonist is earnest, a touch naive, and driven to conquer huge obstacles—qualities that he shares with Son Goku.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like Naruto. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.